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  • Mario bros crew

    2024 has well and truly kicked off… 💪

  • Shout out time!!

    This kinda self promotion is something I rarely do.. but hey it’s 2024.. let’s mix it up!Did you know we supply our deliciously scratched baked gingerbread and shortbread to local cafes around Melbourne..Got a cafe and want in on the action? Let’s chat..ORNeed a delicious treat with your coffee or a school holiday treat with…

  • 20 Cakes!

    Last week was INSANE!!! 20 cakes out of the studio.. 😳 and here is one of them..clean straight lines look easy to create.. but can easily catch you out if you’re a mm out.. (no pressure 😅).. I’m so happy with how this came out.. caramel butter toffee popcorn also made in-house.